We had a 50% increase in the number of economic operators submitting a bid, after a monitor was included. These offers were better: better services, better prices, better implementation plan.” Procurement Official, Mexican state-owned company, Comision Federal de Electricidad

The Monitor paid off. Officials realized that they were subjected to public scrutiny when these documents are screened by the monitor, and consequently made public The Monitor helped deter corrupt behavior and allowed to make a better decision.”, Ministry Official, El Salvador

In Latvia the new National Library building was constructed-despite economic down-turn. Our organization was monitoring the construction process. We greatly benefited from the public and media interest in the project in at least two ways. During key moments in the project public institutions treated our demands for transparency and good governance much more seriously. And, when we had critical or positive remarks about the project, we had a big audience.” Kristaps Petermanis, Monitor, Latvia