The “White List” of the tenderers who acceded the Integrity Pact enables citizens and all interested parties to monitor whether the participants comply with the commitments deriving from the Integrity Pact and contributes to greater transparency and accountability.

The “White List” features the companies that contribute to the promotion of corporate responsibility and integrity, in creating a fair and competitive business environment in the country. Our intention is to encourage managers and employees of companies to follow best practices for maintaining transparency, integrity and business ethics through the “White List” .


Why is it important to be in the “White List”?

If a company applies procedures that increase transarency and is willing to be held accountable, it can build up a good image, enhance its reputation and cultivate a trustful relationship with its customers.

Is it possible for a company to be exempted from the “White List” and if yes, under which conditions?

Tenderers that have acceded the Integrity Pact and do not comply with their commitments can be exempted from the “White List”.


Project : “Construction of a flood protection pipeline network in areas within the Municipalities of Aghios Ioannis Rentis, Tavros and Moschato

Contracting Authority: Attica Region

Independent Monitor: Transparency International-Greece


# Tendered Date of Accession to IP Exemption/withdrawal from the White List Reasons for exemption/



* The White List is updated periodically by the Independent Monitor who does not accept any responsibility or liability for the use of the information included in the White List by third parties.