In Greece, the Integrity Pact will be implemented for the first time as a pilot project through the “INTEGRITY PACTS-Civil Control Mechanisms for Safeguarding EU funds, Phase 2″ program, which is funded by the Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy of the European Commission. Transparency International-Greece will monitor the tendering process and the execution of the contract for the public work “Construction of a flood protection pipeline network in areas within the Municipalities of Nikaia-Aghios Ioannis Rentis and Moschato-Tavros”, by applying an Integrity Pact specifically designed for the particular project where Attica Region holds the role of the Contracting Authority.

More specifically, the project refers to the construction of a stormwater network (total area of drainage basin ~1800 acres) situated at the east bank of Kifissos river. The watershed boundaries are defined by the riverbank of Kifissos, Athens Metro Line 1 track, 25th March Street and Hagias Sophias Street (Tavros), Hamosternas Street (or Panagi Tsaldari Street), Smyrnhs Street, Tavrou Street and Konstantinoupoleos Avenue. The project involves construction of collector drains such as circular pipes (size range: DN600 – DN2000) and rectangular drains of appropriate size. The network length is approximately 7.1km and the main technical works also include drainage inlets, maintenance, junction and drop manholes. In the project design the total stormwater load was allocated in two distinct components/pipelines (S1 and S2), which end up at the Kifissos River via two outfall points.

The purpose of the project is not only to alleviate flooding caused by stormwater in the area, but also to resolve key issues such as the absence of a modern and sufficient stormwater network which would convey stormwater during high frequency events safely to Kifissos River (which is the natural recipient). In particular, although in the past several stormwater projects have been built, they were fragmented serving parts of the whole drainage basin without ,thereofore, being part of an overall stormwater management plan. Moreover some pipelines are too old and dubious in terms of their adequacy.

According to the prioritazition study, the particular public work is among the ones marked as Priority A’ among the Flood Protection Works for the Region of Attica during the financial period PA 2014-2020.

Transparency International -Greece and Attica Region have committed to work together in implementing the Integrity Pact, since February 2016 and to actively support its promotion (e.g. through the development of communication actions and joint participation in meetings related to the implementation of the program).

In case of Greece, the Integrity Pact was developed by Transparency International-Greece following an analysis of the existing national legal framework and a review of international best practices.

As an agreement signed between Transparency International – Greece (Independent Monitor) and the tender parties (Contracting Authority and bidders that will accede the Integrity Pact), it includes specific rights and obligations for all parties, with the aim to enhance transparency and promote access to information. It also foresees the creation of a “White List” for the bidders that will accede to it.

Transparency International – Greece, in collaboration with specialized consultants (legal advisor and civil engineer) – who were selected through an open call – will monitor all stages of the procurement process and the execution of the contract, as an Independent Monitor; it will therefore indicate irregularities, in terms of the implementation of the Integrity Pact, to the interested parties, submit recommendations for future prevention and/or redress and publish reports about its findings.

More specifically, the Integrity Pact provides that Transparency International – Greece, as Independent Monitor:

• Takes note of the content of the tender documents, monitor the selection process, have access to the concluded contract and to all documents related to its execution
• Holds the right to monitor the contract execution, after its conclusion, even with on-site presence, when necessary
• Receives communication requests by third parties during the implementation of the Integrity Pact
• Informs the parties about any detected irregularities and monitors their response rate
• Submits recommendations to the parties about procedural improvements and adoption of more effective preventive and anti-corruption measures

The Independent Monitor’s findings will be published through regular reports that will be posted on the project’s dedicated website enhancing, therefore, the public access to information regarding the development of the project.

Participation in the Integrity Pact designed for the specific project is open to all bidders, from the publication of the contract notice and the submission of their offer, until the contract is signed. Accession to the Integrity Pact is voluntary- based and requires the submission of the relevant Declaration.

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