Integrity Pacts (IP) have been implemented in the past in over 18 countries in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa (Germany, Italy, Hungary, Latvia, Bulgaria, Argentina, Panama, Mexico, China, India, Pakistan, Zambia etc). In the framework of the project “INTEGRITY PACTS-Civil Control Mechanisms for Safeguarding EU funds, Phase 2”, Transparency International –Secretariat and Transparency International – EU Office coordinate the implementation of IPs in 11 EU countries.

“Our funds are an important source of public investment for many of the EU Member States. Countries should use the investments well so that citizens reap the benefits of these programs and projects…The Integrity Pacts, one among many new initiatives we are currently offering, will promote a greater openness and responsibility in the management of the funds. It will also reduce costs by increasing the efficiency of public administrations”, Corina Cretu, Commissioner for Regional Policy.